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Solenoid Valves - ATEX

Vortex Schakelkast Koeler Magneetventiel Fiktech 25

The air supply can be easily controlled using a normally closed solenoid valve. Usually this valve is controlled by a thermostat, optionally by the machine control. Purging: the solenoid valve is executed with a tiny hole to provide a minimal leakage - approximately 20 Nl / min. - In order to keep the switch in continuous overpressure. This keeps out dust & moist with a minimal consumption of air.

If a cabinet / panel will be placed in an ATEX environment, the solenoid valve - if mounted outside the cabinet - must meet the applicable requirements regarding zoning and gas / dust tightness. The magnet coil is then provided with a molded cable.

Thermostat - Hygrostat 

Vortex Schakelkast Koeler Thermostaat Fiktech 25     Vortex Schakelkast Koeler Thermostaat Montage Fiktech

If a thermostat (normally open, closing at increasing temperature) is used, it must be mounted in the hottest part of the enclosure.

Because a Vortex Cooler generates dry air (<45% relative humidity), it may also be used to dry the insied of the enclosure. In such cases use is made of a hygrostat to control the humidity.

Compressed air conditioning

 Vortex Schakelkast Koeler Perslucht Filter Waterafscheider Fiktech 25    Vortex Schakelkast Koeler Perslucht Conditionering Fiktech

Using proper filtration and separation of moisture, oil and dirt from the compressed air supply, the Cabinet Cooler will operate for years with no maintenance required. For water removal, a minimum 5 micron filter complete with an automatic (float type) drain is recommended. It should be sized to handle the total air flow of the Cabinet Cooler at the pressure they will be used. If oil could be a concern, an oil removal filter should be added downstream from the water removal filter and should also have an automatic (float type) drain. Again, they should be sized to handle the total flow of the Cabinet Cooler. Filters should be mounted near any Cabinet Coolers, typically within 3 to 4,5 meters (10 to 15 feet).

Vortex cabinet cooler - side mounting

Vortex Schakelkast Koeler Zijmontage Fiktech 25Vortex Schaltschrankkuehler Beispiel1 25

Side mounting of Vortex coolers makes sense if the cabinet is placed directly under the ceiling or a construction.

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