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To blow off, drying, cooling, cleaning purposes and more!

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Description and operating principle

An air knife is a compressed air-filled chamber with converging route to a controlled output slot. This provides a uniform velocity distribution across the entire length of the blade. Due to the Coanda-effect at the same time ambient air is sucked in with the primary air flow. Hereby an even more powerful secondary air flow is obtained.

The strong laminar flow of the air knife use include: to remove moisture, viscous layers to spread, dust and waste removal and separates two spaces / process conditions.

An air cannon operates in the same way as an air knife, with the difference that there is a strong cone-shaped air flow is generated.


One must pay particular attention to the control of dust and liquid which will be removed by the air knife. All health and safety aspects should be observed carefully. Liquid material which is removed, may form a spray. Due too air turbulence spray may be deposited on unwanted places. Observe the correct shielding and possibly of extraction of dry and liquid substances released.

Because air knives contain no moving parts, they ask little maintenance. However, the air supply must be clean, by the use of appropriate filters. The connecting pipe work should be dimensioned in the right way in order to minimize pressure losses.

Models / Versions

Air knives and air guns are available in both aluminium and stainless steel.

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HP (High Pressure) Air knives use compressed air, LP (Low Pressure) Air knives are powered by a side channel blower. HP Air Knives are more compact constructed compared to the LP versions, but the compressed air consumption is rapidly increasing at greater lengths. In these cases it's better to opt for LP Air knives or air guns, which generate significantly higher air speeds and are energetically favorable.  

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Energy / Cost

In general, one must consider that - a Nm3 air costs 2.4 cents - at an energy of 14 cents per kWh. The cost of energy determines 64% of the total cost of the compressed air!

compare the energy consumption of the HP and LP air knives     

Features and benefits of air knives & air guns

  • Effective Way to blow off moist & particles, drying, cooling and cleaning
  • Easy to position and adjust 
  • Evenly ditributed airflow, high speeds (up to 200 m / sec.) & blow-off force
  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel 304/316 versions
  • Standard lengths and specials available
  • Easy to mount, no moving parts, almost wear-free


  • Blowing off fluids of miscellaneous objects
  • Push Pull systems for the removal of dust, fumes, vapor
  • Separation of multiple process conditions / environments
  • Cooling and / or drying of components with various dimensions
  • Open bags for automatic filling systems etc. etc.


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 LP (Low Pressure) Air Knives & Air Guns - accessories

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HP (High Pressure) Air Knives

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Circular HP Air Knives - Fiktech AirWipe

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The circular air knife - Fiktech AirWipe - is a simple solution to many clean elongated products from and moisture with compressed air Compressed air of up to 7 bar (R) is supplied to the inlet and is evenly distributed in the circular plenum. Through a narrow gap, the expanding air is blown at an angle of 30 º. This primary airflow moves along the Coanda-surface in the direction of the object to be cleaned. Negative pressure is created through which ambient air adds to the primary airflow. The combined airflow forms a closed ring of 360 º and cleans the exposed object / product.

AirWipes are available in various diameters (13-279 mm free passage). The right choice is partly determined by the desired internal diameter and operating conditions (whether aggressive environment and / or company rules). Benefits of circular air knife: uniform airflow 360 º, divisible, infinitely adjustable outlet velocity of flow, no physical contact with the material passed through, 'split design', compact design The air consumption compared with traditional methods (tube with holes) is. considerably lower.

Using air knives, particular attention should be taken to control dust and liquid being removed. All health and safety aspects must be observed. Liquid material is removed, forming a spray. Air turbulence can cause deposits on unwanted places. Observe the correct shielding and possible extraction of released dry and liquid substances.

Since air knives contain no moving parts, they require little maintenance. However, the blower must deliver clean air! Make use of suitable inlet filters. The connecting pipes have to be dimensioned in the right way in order to minimize pressure losses.

Ionizing Bars

As an additional support for removing dust Ionizing Bars may be applied. These bars neutralize static charge of sheets, webs and other planar materials. A High voltage generates at the tips of a static bar the required electric field. This turns the air molecules around the emitter points into positive and negative ions. Electrostatically charged material is thus neutralized, preventing dust particles from clinging.

The points of the static bars are safe to touch - shockless.

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Ionisatie1Ionizing Bar & Power supply

Static Elimination: Remove static immediately before the finishing stages of production. Dry winter air increases the amount of static on product and equipment. Not only does static electricity causes unwanted shocks to operators, but it will decrease the quality of your finished product.

Who Needs Static Elimination?

Static occurs in just about any industry. All Fiktech Ionisation products remove static from: 

  • Heat-set ink dryers, paper and textile drying equipment
  • Electronics assembly areas or servicing of boards and components
  • Around guide rods and rollers on any machinery handling continuous or sheet fed paper or plastic
  • Feeders, unwinders, stackers and separators
  • Pre-paint prep areas
  • Printing on plastic sheets
  • High speed printing
  • Elevator stackers
  • Packaging materials
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Injections molded parts
  • Cutters and slitters for trim removal
  • Photofinishing operations

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