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Fiktech B.V. introduces state-of-the-art cleaning of surfaces with the Pneumatic Pulsation Blow-off Gun FPPA-50.

The easiest technique to remove dust, dirt and moisture from surfaces is to blow off with clean compressed air. Because there is no physical contact with the object, damage is prevented. This cleaning method is mainly based on impact / collision (impulse effect = mass x velocity) of small particles on a surface. Other important influencing factors when cleaning surfaces with air include: Mechanical action (movement) and Duration.

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Depending on the object to be cleaned, blow guns and air knives can be used, which provide a continuous air flow. Strongly adhering solids and liquids can therefore not always be removed effectively with these tools.

Fiktech now supplies an ingenious alternative for these challenging situations: the Pneumatic Pulsation Blow-off Gun FPPA-50! This innovative device is equipped with a rapidly rotating nozzle (approx. 20 revolutions / sec.), and delivers a very effective pulsating wide air jet with high intensity that breaks the pollution, as it were. This makes the device much more effective than an "ordinary" gun with blowpipe. It is also possible to mount a larger number of FPPA-50 pulsation nozzles on a plenum to clean a wider surface in one go.

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Features and benefits of the Pneumatic Pulsation Blow Gun FPPA-50:

Ø  Pulsating blowing force

Ø  Shorter processing time

Ø  Compressed air consumption: 100 Nl/min. @ 4.0 bar(G)

Ø  Savings on compressed air – air consumption is significantly better than traditional wide nozzles - up to 80% lower

Ø  Effective working width: 60mm at a distance of 50mm from the surface

Ø  Weight 110 grams / 1/8”BSP connection / Diameter nozzle ø50 mm / Length 135 mm

Ø  Noise production: < 74 dB(A) measured at 1 meter, free field conditions

The new "Slimline" series of Fiktech B. V. has a patented flexible sealing system that is much more reliable and simpler than the conventional solutions.

In order to overcome production issues, Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH, Cologne Germany, has designed the ingenious XSS ® X-Ray sorting plant.  Thanks to this manufacturing plant the quarried valuable Tungsten Concentrate of the Wolfram Camp mine may be separated from the gangue, which provides for up to 85% (!) of the production flow.

Fiktech B.V. was founded in 2002 with the goal to optimize production processes in industrial companies, so that they can reduce their costs and increase the production quality and capacity.

In the past 10 years Fiktech B.V. solved several technical problems for over 300 clients. This ranges from advising, engineering, supply of components, supervision of projects up to turnkey delivery and management support.

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