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Ceramics Activated carbon

t1 Actieve kool industrie toepassingen

General dust and material transport Oxy / plasma / laser cutting of metals and plastics

t2 Metaal industrie toepassingen

Concrete / cement / marble / stone / plaster / bentonite / granite

Chemicals: eg photosensitive materials / toner / stearates / carbon black

t3 Chemische stoffen industrie toepassingen

Enameling Pharmacy: eg vitamins / tabletting machines / packaging / weighing / filling / coating

Ferrous metals

Health Hazardous substances: eg Cr VI, asbestos, lead, pesticides, crop protection, quartz

t4 Gezondheidsschadend industrie toepassingen

Foundry Dust: smelter, sand preparation and regeneration, pouring dust, shakeout Glass

Grain / baking powder / rice / malt / milk / soya powder / tea / coffee / tobacco

t5 Voedingsmiddelen industrie en toepassingen

Graphite Wood dust Catalysts Lime Ceramic / sintered materials

Carbon Dust Plastics / composites / glass fiber reinforced materials / polyester

t6 Kunststoffen composieten industrie toepassingen

Welding fumes Minerals / fertilizers / mica / seashells / perlite / vermiculite

Non-ferrous metal dust, buffing dust, sanding dust

t7 Nonferro industrie toepassingen

Oil mist / oil spray

t8 Olienevel industrie toepassingen

Paper Pigments / paint / varnish / dyes / fillers Plasma / oxy / HVOF spraying

Powder coating Rubber fumed silica (Aerosil / CarboSil) Silo vent / security

 t9 Silofilters industrie toepassingen

Soda Blasting Equipment / booths Sugar / cocoa / starch

Textiles Animal feed / Fly Ash / Soap Powder Salts

Technology areas


  • Working conditions (ATEX / MAC)
  • Environment / Emission / Odor Control (NER)
  • Process technology (transport / dust extraction / fittings)
  • Production (security / safety / workplace)

Products / Keywords

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