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Fiktech was established in the Netherlands in 2002, today the company is active in close to 30 countries.

Fiktech provides both products, systems, equipment and services. The varied product range covers many fields of industry. Customers obtain at Fiktech practical solutions for a wide range of technical issues in order to improve their equipment & machinery and production processes.

Fiktech optimizes equipment & machinery and production processes at industrial companies, enabling them to reduce costs and increase the quality and production capacity. The added value of Fiktech has many aspects; project management, consultancy and engineering, supply of components, up to activities in the field of installation and commissioning. Education and training are also part of our supply package. In addition to continuity and reliability we offer our customers quality and innovative strength.

Our key values: responsible, outstanding and innovative

Responsible: act with integrity and responsible conduct

At Fiktech we are committed to comply with all legal and ethical requirements. It is our responsibility to do business according to high professional and ethical standards.

Outstanding: achieve the highest quality and optimum results

We support our customers in their search for the highest quality possible, with solutions that deliver more than they expect. To do so we are guided by continuous improvement and we hold existing processes against the light. Fiktech is always open for change in order to be present when new opportunities emerge.

Innovative: to create sustainable value

Innovation is one of the hallmarks of success of Fiktech. However; "historical results are not guarantees for the future", which is why creativity is extremely important and we welcome what is new and unusual. Fiktech is inventive, in all senses of the word - genuine, ingenious and resourceful. We renew our portfolio regularly to continue to provide answers to address key societal challenges and consequently ensure sustainable value.

Fiktech – the start

From his early childhood, André Fikkers (Year of birth 1956 - founder and director / owner of Fiktech B.V.) already was fascinated by everything that relates to technology. It all started in the usual way by building with LEGO bricks and Meccano, and experiments with Fleischmann model trains and a Scalextric racetrack. His father encouraged him to develop his technical feeling, partly by giving him a variety of tasks such as repairing one of the first electric typewriters. (A for that time advanced type rotary writing head - please see After this he firmly tinkered with a variety of mopeds (Solex, Puch, Phoenix - please see equipped with Sachs-engine).
After finishing high school, studies at the HTS Automotive Engineering in Apeldoorn were successfully completed. Back then this engineering program offered a combination of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and Business Administration.

The completed internship at Sperry-Vickers (supplier of hydraulic components up to complete systems) and the thesis at the RET - Hydrostatic drive of the standard city bus - got their continuation in a magnificent job as a project engineer at R&H (van Rietschoten & Houwens - later part of IMTECH), a high-tech company active throughout the industry. At Danfoss André Fikkers got the opportunity to apply his acquired knowledge by engineering & supplying hydraulic components, particularly for mobile applications. Drum Engineering (now part of Gardner Denver) used his knowledge among others to optimize drive systems for loading and unloading of road tankers. This was followed by engineering and management positions at Donaldson Torit (industrial dust collection), Bürkert Fluid Control Systems (Process Valves Technology) and Phoenix Contact (electrical and electronic components).

In 2002, André Fikkers took the decision to take control of his future in his own hands and launched the company nowadays known as Fiktech B.V. in order to make machinery and production processes better through the entire industry.

Fiktech – the present

After an initial phase with ups and downs, the company has shown a stable and healthy growth since 2009. Differing industrial sectors - domestic as well as international - operate with practical and feasible solutions provided by Fiktech following the principle of Total Cost of Ownership. Together with our clients we search for the best technical solution combined with cost reduction relative to the current situation.
Co-Engineering, cooperation with local suppliers, sensible purchasing, "common sense", provision of "value-for-money" and "an agreement is an agreement" are the cornerstones firmly anchored in the genes of Fiktech.

Fiktech – the future

Thanks to the Internet, the world has become accessible to everyone. The initial reluctance to make contacts across national borders and to conduct business is gone. Regardless of the cultural background of business partners, if there is a will, there's a way! A technical issue in Singapore may be solved with knowledge and know-how from the Netherlands and products from China. With this in mind the future of Fiktech looks very bright. We will always remain committed to optimize equipment & machinery and production processes in an innovative way!

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